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Vital Muses - "Absence and Death" Episode 3 (2005) by Alyssa Moxley on Mixcloud

I just uploaded “Vital Muses - “Absence and Death” Episode 3 (2005)” to - listen now!

A radio documentary about urban beekeeping produced by Chris Wood and Alyssa Moxley. Broadcast on Resonance FM as part of Clear Spot on 27th September 2011. A Mneme Audio production.

Over the past 20 years the bee population of the UK has declined by 50%. Since 2007’s dramatic onset of colony collapse disorder when beekeepers noticed a 60-90% decrease in the population of bees surviving through winter, the interest in urban bee keeping has been steadily growing. We speak to some of London’s beekeepers, listen to their hives, and observe how the city can be a harmonious site for agriculture, and how keeping bees can encourage an awareness of our social and environmental roles as urban dwellers.

Featuring, in order of appearance, Gustavo Montez de Oca, Mikey Thompson, Alessia Bolis, Camilla Goddard, Liz Owen, Zoe Palmer and Ian Bailey

An urban beekeeper at Walworth Community Gardens

An urban beekeeper at Walworth Community Gardens

Mneme Audio is a production company. Their work includes radio, soundscapes and sound installations.

They are…. Alyssa Moxley and Word the Cat